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Thinking of upgrading your MPX installation?
Be sure not to disrupt your connection to Donor Connect.

Dear Friends,

I want to thank you for your continued use and support of Donor Connect. It's a solution we're proud to have developed and hope it adds value to your organization.

We want to take this moment to remind you that if you are planning to upgrade your installation of MPX, it is imperative that you communicate with our team beforehand. At this time, Donor Connect has been tested and supports up to version 12.2.5823.20317 of MPX and version 12.2.5283 the of WIP. Switching or upgrading to another version of MPX or WIP could disrupt your connection via Donor Connect.

YourCause, the parent company to MPX has promised that any upgrades they make to MPX and the WIP will ALWAYS be backwards compatible. For this reason, it is possible for you to upgrade MPX and WIP beyond what DonorConnect officially supports, but we cannot guarantee bug free operation. You are solely relying on the promise from YourCause that their upgrades are 100% backwards compatible. Please proceed at your own discretion and understand that DonorConnect is not responsible for any issues if you are running versions higher than what we officially support.

If you have plans to make a change in you MPX installation, please contact Paul Leonard at paul@ascendio.com and we can work through any questions or issues that need to be discussed.

As always, feel free to touch base with any questions.

Chris Mechsner

Chris Mecshner

Chris is Ascendio's technology and strategic mastermind. He determines the direction and types of technologies the team pursues and adapts for our clients. He still puts his hands to the keyboard and is often the lead developer on projects.

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