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Hello, integration.

DonorConnect is a web service that offers enhanced, real-time integration with MPX by wrapping the web interface provided by Orange Leap (WIP). DonorConnect can be integrated with any website (or installed software) and provides hundreds of features to ease the integration to MPX.

Expedite order fulfillment.   Increase data integrity.   Enhance ROI.    Get Started!


Who uses DonorConnect?

Who uses DonorConnect?

Standard Features

Donor Syncing

  • Live syncing of donor data
  • Advanced "Smart Matching" logic
  • Address formatting / partial address correction
  • Built-in data parsing and code resolving
  • No transaction required

Order and Gift Entry

  • Live importing of web orders and donations
  • Build-in handling for discounts, tax, etc.
  • Support for premium offers and virtual orders

Multiple MPX Installations

  • Dynamic routing of data based on the user's country

Administrative Dashboard

  • Online integration management
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Daily activity reports
  • Simple and easy to use

Traffic Management

  • Live status meter for all connections
  • Direct traffic to or away from an MPX installation for maintenance

Robust Logging

  • Itemized capture of all transmissions
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Financial and other secure data stays hidden from unauthorized users

Admin Notifications

  • Event flagging and alerts
  • Optional email notifications
  • RSS syndication of all DonorConenct service updates

Testing Environment

  • Automatic separation of test and production data
  • One-click submission of over a dozen test scenarios
  • No charge for transfers in test environment

Integration Support

Premium Features

Multiple Website Support

  • Manage multiple integrations in one place
  • Share or override global business rules for each website

Subscription Management

  • Lookup, create and renew subscriptions in MPX directly from your website

Previous Order / Gift Lookups

  • Query MPX order history from your website in real time
  • Find out if a user is a first time donor, validate recurring donation status, search for recent orders or even check orders for a particular product

Duplicate Resolution

  • Receive alerts when account duplications are found
  • Resolve duplicates from administrative portal with one-click

Backup Holding Queue

  • Transfers are queued when MPX becomes unavailable, and automatically resubmitted when the connection is reestablished

Multi-Level Admin Access

  • Privileges are spread across six cross-functional roles including a "logs only" customer service role

Product Variants

  • Create listeners to apply dynamic business rules when a variant product code is added to an order
  • Convert variant products to a gift using a designated motivation code, or even trigger free product to be added to the order

Localized Broadcast Listings

  • Allows for a dynamic "How did you hear about us?" feature on your website
  • Local station listings are fed from MPX, based on a user's entered Zip Code
  • Listings include friendly station names and associated media codes


DonorConnect is a hosted software product licensed by Ascendio. The cost of use is determined by the feature package selected and number of transfers occurring in the previous month. You only pay for what you use!

Tiers Transfers Per Month Standard Premium
1 Up to 5,000 $150/mo $250/mo
2 Up to 10,000 $350/mo $450/mo
3 Up to 25,000 $500/mo $800/mo
4 Up to 75,000 $650/mo $1,250/mo
5 Unlimited call for pricing call for pricing
Donor Syncing check check
Order Entry check check
Gift/Donation Entry check check
Multiple MPX Installations check check
Default Codes (Organization Wide) check check
Administrative Dashboard check check
Traffic Management check check
Daily Activity Reports check check
Robust Logging check check
Email Notifications check check
Testing Environment check check
Multiple Entry Points   check
Default Codes (Entry Point Specific)   check
Subscription Management   check
Previous Order / Gift Lookups   check
Duplicate Resolution   check
Backup Holding Queue   check
Multi-Level Admin Access   check
Product Variants   check
Localized Broadcast Listings   check

Getting started is this easy...

You'll need to have Orange Leap setup and install the Website Integration Platform tool (WIP). With Orange Leaps unlimited support - they will have you up and running in no time!

Step 1

Contact Orange Leap to setup and install the WIP (download here or here).

Step 2

Fill out the form below once Step 1 is complete.

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Installation Name
Primary Country

MPX Version
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WIP Address (URL)
WIP User Name
Wip Password
MPX UserID for WIP

Contact us today to get started with DonorConnect

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